Molly Oxenfree


Molly Oxenfree is a Camarilla-affiliated Malkavian and political advocate for her clan. She is the grandchilde of Dr. Sarah Collins and the great-grandchilde of former primogen Byron Morland. Oxenfree’s sire was destroyed by fellow Malkavians during the frenzy that swept through the region’s members of that clan in 2012. Since the removal of Byron Morland’s primogen status, Oxenfree has petitioned the court of Prince Garza for the clan to be granted representation on the primogen council, but her efforts have thus far been politely rebuffed.

Oxenfree is a regular in the Los Angeles club scene, and somehow seems to find a way into Kindred social events that one might expect to be out of reach for a neonate of her status. She has demonstrated a cordial working relationship with members of Clan Giovanni.

In 2015, Molly Oxenfree aided Gaius Ferrán, Santiago Clemente, and Alexander Colfax Dolarhyde in identifying and locating the hunters Mitchell Phillips, Shelly Alana, and Mitchell Phillips who were responsible for the deaths of Camarilla neonates Romina Villagracia and Hector Mendoza.

Molly Oxenfree

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